"What would happen if we radically insisted that we operationalize the things that our (university) mission says we believe in?" - Robin DeRosa

Digital2Learn is a weekly podcast series, available on Apple Podcasts, featuring
interviews with the best and brightest minds in digital teaching and learning.

Listen to the podcast, featuring Robin DeRosa, as she inspires listeners to cultivate student agency by helping students create their digital identities and design their educational materials.

Question: What does digital identity mean to you and your students? Please leave a comment below.

Cohost: Brad Garner / Director, Faculty Enrichment|Center for Learning and Innovation|Indiana Wesleyan University

Cohost: Tiffany Snyder / Assistant Director, Faculty Enrichment | Center for Learning and Innovation | Indiana Wesleyan University

Guest: Robin DeRosa / Director, Open Learning & Teaching Collaborative | Plymouth State University

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