In higher education classrooms, faculty are the primary communicators of information. As they teach, we can assume that students in those classrooms are simultaneously having thoughts and side conversations about the content being shared (e.g., agreement, disagreement, and confusion).

One way to capitalize on these conversations and insights, while giving students a way to share their thoughts and questions with the larger group, is through digital backchanneling.

In this issue, The Toolbox explores opening a digital backchannel to classroom engagement.  Watch the promo video below to get a glimpse of this topic.

The Toolbox series, authored by Dr. Brad Garner of the Center for Learning and Innovation, features an online professional development newsletter offering innovative, learner-centered strategies for empowering college students to achieve greater success.  The newsletter is published six times a year by the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina.

Read more in The Toolbox newsletter and visit the archives to access back issues covering a wide variety of ideas and resources related to teaching and learning.

Question: What applications do you see for digital backchanneling in your learning environment?  Please leave a comment below.

Contributor: Brad Garner / Director of Faculty Enrichment, Center for Learning and Innovation

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