The goal of FacultyLife is to honor God through service to adjunct faculty.  Building a community of adjunct faculty is a vision centered on two core beliefs:

  • We as faculty are committed to the cause of Christ.
  • Our instruction is viewed through the lens of a Bible-based, Christian worldview.

Because of our commitment to Christ and our endeavor to live the gospel in the learning environment, we take our role of stewardship seriously, as we strive to provide adjunct faculty with an unparalleled academic experience.  In doing this, our goal cannot be to puff up one’s self or even the university, but to represent our God well that He might be glorified in our service to students.

Blog topics are categorized by relationship, active faith, responsiveness, instruction, grading, and technology.  Find out how you can contribute by following the step-by-step guidelines in the writing guide, and you will know how to produce consistent, quality post content.

The goal of FacultyLife is to reach you across multiple learning styles - reading posts, watching videos, and most importantly commenting through civil conversations among your peers.

The team is committed to posting at least 1-2 times a week.  To stay connected with the blog, please subscribe to the FacultyLife blog - Your Home for Faculty Development.

Selected Posts

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Mike Mendenhall, MSM, is the Assistant Director, Faculty Development, in the School of Service and Leadership, College of Adult and Professional Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University.  He administers faculty development, publishes the FacultyLife blog, teaches a faculty candidate training seminar, and publishes a newsletter. Learn more about Mike at LinkedIn and his IWU Faculty Page.

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