"The number one thing we've found in our surveys is people want freedom to learn. They're interested in learning; they're curious to learn. If we constrain people through our learning management systems, if we dictate to them what they're going to see next based on the data and analytics, based on a predictive model, you're limiting what you think about them as a human being." - Curt Bonk

Digital2Learn is a weekly podcast series, available on Apple Podcasts, featuring
interviews with the best and brightest minds in digital teaching and learning.

In part two of this podcast, Professor of Instructional Technologies at Indiana University, Curt Bonk, shares about the social good in education and observing learning in different contexts.

Question: Do you believe learning can take place outside of the classroom and, if so, can you imagine settings where this type of learning can occur? Please leave a comment below.

Cohost: Erin Crisp / AVP for Learning and Innovation | Center for Learning and Innovation | Indiana Wesleyan University

Cohost: Tiffany Snyder / Assistant Director, Faculty Enrichment | Center for Learning and Innovation | Indiana Wesleyan University

Guest: Curt Bonk / Professor of Instructional Technologies| Indiana University

Broadcast April 5, 2020

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