What if you could cut your essay grading time in half?  Follow Dr. Jeff Boyce, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Operations in the DeVoe School of Business as he demonstrates the efficiencies of Typeitin, a resource that will change the way you grade.

Follow this series with academic experts from the College of Adult and Professional Studies as they discuss the value of grading during the Efficient, Effective & Edifying Grading webinar simulcast.  Adjunct faculty community members attended this live webinar, broadcast online across the country and onsite at regional education centers in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Merrillville.

Question: How do you see Typeitin benefiting your grading?  Please leave a comment below.

Presenter: Jeff Boyce / Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Operations / DeVoe School of Business

Broadcast: October 17, 2015

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