At the conclusion of the Establishing and Maintaining Positive Relationships With Students webinar simulcast, we asked attendees to participate synchronously in five concurrent chat sessions.

In the second session, attendees shared their best strategies for fostering a good relationship with students.  Here is what they had to say.

Fostering Relationships

General Strategies

I always encourage the students to contact me for any needs that they may have related to the course or other matters. Students will have access to both my personal cell and home or landline numbers.”

I establish proper protocol/culture to students in both gaining and giving information and solutions.”

I try to get a history of work experiences from the students and relate the aspects of the class material to personal experiences. I also try to keep in contact by phone or email to address matters that arise in class.”

I listen closely to what is in their heart in regards the topic of the class and their expectations. I also mentor them in the learning process and encourage them to strive for their best.”

I pray for them and check in with them throughout the week. I also communicate via email/text/phone when I see one falling behind, offering help and assistance.”

Onsite Strategies

I will have relaxing music in the background. I reach out to the students prior to class with a brief introduction. Our beginning discussions are spent on getting to know each other, particularly in new cohort sections.”

After a brief personal introduction, I tell a tasteful but funny joke relating to my profession. I may also throw out some scenarios related to issues in the class to elicit some initial dialogue.”

I am transparent, sharing with students that we're a team working toward their success. I encourage them to contact me beyond the classroom if help is needed. I also give an overview of expectations.”

Online Strategies

Send a welcome email in addition to the classroom announcement. Regularly message through Announcements and Faculty Forum. Always be open for questions and express answers in writing.”

I send out emails to each student, individually welcoming them to the class. I also pray for them to have a successful experience.”

I post a video welcome in the Announcements and actively participate in the introductions/bio thread.”

I try to make sure that my announcements are warm and inviting so my students feel they can communicate with me. I have recently added an audio welcome as well.”

Question: What is your best strategy for fostering a good relationship with your students.? Please leave a comment below.

Moderator: Aaron Metzcar / Director of Adjunct Faculty Development

Presenter: RB Kuhn / Associate Professor, Division of Liberal Arts

Broadcast: May 30, 2015

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