At the conclusion of the Establishing and Maintaining Positive Relationships With Students webinar simulcast, we asked attendees to participate synchronously in five concurrent chat sessions.

In the third session, attendees shared their best strategies for intentionally sharing their faith with students.  Here is what they had to say.

Sharing Your Faith

General Strategies

Share the word of God, spend some time trying to listen what God is trying to tell us through His word. Gather all prayers together to request to God.”

I pray beforehand and during teaching. I look for what we see in Christ that is different, or is a larger truth that needs to be anchored.”

Onsite Strategies

I will have the students rotate each week to initiate discussions about our devotional lessons. It is highly interactive, and the leadership skills acquired from this exercise has been well received.”

“I try to incorporate Bible references into day-to-day communications. For example, at the beginning of every class I tell students that God created the world in 6 days… and then he rested. I encourage my students to follow God's model -- get your work done first, and then relax.”

Online Strategies

I include personal reflections regarding the devotional passages rather that the "stock" ones. I also respond with prayerful words and tones to any student prayer concern.”

I enjoy having students weigh in on the selected devotional lesson for each class.”

When I first post my Welcome Announcement, I share my Learning and Faith Integration (My Devotion) and set it up to be the first link they read when logging into the Course Forums.”

Question: What is your best strategy for intentionally sharing your faith with your students? Please leave a comment below.

Moderator: Aaron Metzcar / Director of Adjunct Faculty Development

Presenter: RB Kuhn / Associate Professor, Division of Liberal Arts

Broadcast: May 30, 2015

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