Time is like a conundrum.  It is available in equal measure every day, but for adult learners, there rarely seems to be enough of it.

An assignment deadline looms and a clarification question arises.  An urgent prayer request surfaces for a family member undergoing surgery.  A lively discussion veers into uncharted territory.  In all of these scenarios, faculty responsiveness is critically important.

In 2015, faculty observations launch across the College of Adult and Professional Studies.  Observation requires criteria that facilitates the gathering of information to be used for evaluating teaching performance.  Six areas - Relationship, Active Faith, Responsiveness, Instruction, Grading, and Technology - will contain specific criteria to determine how quality teaching is lived out in the learning environment.

To introduce the faculty observation process, the FacultyCare team has produced a series of brief videos to provide an overview of each area and its corresponding criteria.  Carefully consider how you are serving your students.  Are you thriving?  Are there ways you can enhance your service to students?

Responsiveness Online

Responsiveness Onsite

Question: What is your level of responsiveness when interacting with students?  Please leave a comment below.

Content: Aaron Metzcar / Director, Adjunct Faculty Development

Design: Marina Gutai / Student Worker / Office of Faculty Development

Narration: Mike Mendenhall / Assistant Director, Faculty Development

Soundtrack: Intense Inspiring Background / maxvic

Recorded: November 21, 2014

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