Although they makeup a fraction of the teaching population in the College of Adult and Professional Studies, full-time faculty devote all of their energies to the many aspects of teaching.  Andragogy, curriculum, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, to name a few, concurrently vie for their attention.

We asked a select group of our full-time faculty to describe the finer points of their best practices in the learning environment.  Earlier this year, Dr. Anne Decker, Dr. Wendy Hassett, Dr. George Howell, and Prof. Jodi Mills sat down with us  to answer the first of four questions:

As a full-time faculty member, what advice would you offer to adjunct faculty in terms of best practices for relationship?"

Question: What are your best practices for building relationship with your students?  Please leave a comment below.


Anne Decker / Associate Professor, School of Educational Leadership

Wendy Hassett / Professor, School of Service and Leadership

George Howell / Associate Professor, DeVoe School of Business

Jodi Mills / Assistant Professor, School of Service and Leadership

Director: Mike Mendenhall / Assistant Director, Faculty Development

Postproduction: Trent Mellinger / Student Worker, Office of Adjunct Faculty Development

Recorded: March 19, 2015

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