The APA 6e Guide is considered a living document as it is routinely updated.

In this series, Jule Kind, Director of Off Campus Library Services (OCLS), shares about some of the most used library resources. OCLS functions within Jackson Library to provide a variety of research tools for onsite and online students in the College of Adult and Professional Studies (CAPS).


APA 6e Guide Online

OCLS has a web page dedicated to using APA writing style. The primary tool available is the APA 6e Guide. A few years ago when it was apparent that the university was not requiring purchase of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association by some programs, OCLS was asked to put a resource in the hands of faculty and students that would provide the basic APA information needed by the majority of students. It has become the only textbook used by several programs for learning about APA writing style. It is available to bookmark, download, or print. OCLS considers it a living document as we routinely receive requests from faculty and students to include more examples. OCLS wants to respond to the needs of the ones using the tool.

APA Resource Page

Also available on the APA resource page is an APA paper template. It is a Word document that can be downloaded and used for creation of APA papers. The margins, running head, page numbers, and hanging indent are already set up in the template. Students simply need to type over the text that is part of the template and substitute their information and text for the papers.

Some of the other resources available on the APA resource page include:

  • An APA checklist (checkboxes provided for a student to make sure they have covered all the essential parts of an APA paper)
  • APA tutorials done by OCLS librarians (these cover specific topics in APA)
  • A PowerPoint on how to locate DOI numbers and publisher's web home pages (Electronic Articles in APA)
  • Link to CrossRef is a third party service provided to identify whether an article has a DOI number
  • Link to the APA Blog, sponsored by the American Psychological Association writing style gurus. Since the release of the 6th edition of APA, the association has provided the searchable blog to augment the 6th edition, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association book.
  • Links to several free bibliographic citation managers discussed in a previous posting titled, Picking Out the Right Bibliographic Citation Management Software at Off Campus Library Services.

The best source of APA help is by contacting OCLS! The librarians consider themselves the university experts on APA and want to be a "go to" resource for faculty and students for their APA questions.

Question: How has the APA 6e Guide helped you or your students? Please leave a comment below.

Jule Kind / Director, Off Campus Library Services

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