According to the most comprehensive analysis ever of grade inflation in higher education in the United States, nowadays even the most average students are likely to be given A's.

Although all those A's might make American students feel--or appear--smart, in the long run, it could make them less employable compared with their legitimately high-achieving peers around the world.

Join Dr. Keith Starcher, Professor for  the DeVoe School of Business, in his "Quick Quotes" series as he narrates summations of his ongoing research.  Keith is interested in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; in particular, he is intrigued about how SoTL applies to adjunct online faculty.

If you want to dig deeper into grade inflation and job performance, contact Keith Starcher to request any referenced material(s).

Question:  How do you combat grade inflation in your students' learning environment?  Please leave a comment below.

Narration: Dr. Keith Starcher / Professor, DeVoe School of Business

Recorded: January 10, 2017

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