There appears to be a "tipping point" with students regarding the difficulty of a course.  That is, up to a point, a student may indeed like a more challenging professor and gain more from a more challenging classroom environment.

Join Dr. Keith Starcher, Professor for  the DeVoe School of Business, in his "Quick Quotes" series as he narrates summations of his ongoing research.  Keith is interested in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; in particular, he is intrigued about how SoTL applies to adjunct online faculty.

If you want to dig deeper into peer reviewing and feedback, contact Keith Starcher to request any referenced material(s).

Question:  As you hold to academic rigor, how do you come alongside students to help them attain the performance standards you setPlease leave a comment below.

Narration: Dr. Keith Starcher / Professor, DeVoe School of Business

Recorded: November 19, 2016

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