There are countless ways to integrate APA Style CENTRAL (APA SC) into your courses. Here are a few ideas about how you can easily add APA SC instruction to your courses.

One way would be to demonstrate to your class the way to create an APA Style CENTRAL account. In an online class, ask the students to e-mail you with the subject, “I have set up my APA Style CENTRAL account.”

Allow on-site students who have their laptops with them a few minutes to create an account. Send students who do not have laptops with them to the library or computer lab to create accounts.

In this series within the Off Campus Library Services (OCLS) series, Jule Kind, Director of Off Campus Library Services (OCLS), and fellow librarians share about multiple facets of APA Style CENTRAL. OCLS functions within Jackson Library to provide a variety of research tools for onsite and online students in the College of Adult and Professional Studies (CAPS).

Databases, Quizzes, and Bibliographies

Another way to integrate APA SC into your course would be to use Business Source Complete or another periodical database to find an incorrectly formatted APA citation. Then have students, either singly or in small groups, use the Research Heading, Add References in APA SC to correct the citation. The student or group would then report to the class. A variation would be to give the class several citations, incorrectly formatted, and ask the students to use APA SC to correct the citations. These methods would also work with online classes. This could be a way to give a small bonus activity for the onsite or online class.

Make use of the APA SC self-quiz feature, which is under the Learn category. Assign a group of students to work together on a self-quiz and report their findings back to the class.

If your class has an assignment of turning in a bibliography, ask the students to do the assignment in APA SC, using the Write section. Students can create the title page, enter the required citations, export the documents and upload them to their course.

Quick Guides and Group Writing Projects

When a student is struggling with a certain aspect of APA, include the link to the Quick Guide on that topic, available in the Learn section of APA SC. Maybe the student is struggling with correctly creating the title page. Include this link,, in your feedback. The Quick Guides are usually about four to six minutes in length and deliver audio and visual teaching on specific APA topics.

Perhaps you want to assign a group writing project (online or on-site). Using APA SC, the instructor can start the document, create the sections, and then assign only certain sections to individual students. The entire group would be able to see the entire document, but only actively edit the sections assigned to them by the instructor.

These are just a few of many creative ways that APA SC can become a part of your regular teaching routine. If you would be interested in learning more about the potential of APA SC, please use the Research Appointment form on the OCLS home page so you can discuss APA SC with one of the OCLS librarians!

Ask an OCLS Librarian!

For more information on APA Style CENTRAL, APA format, using the online library, or for search help, faculty and students can contact Off Campus Library Services. Call 1-800-521-1848, email [email protected], or fill out an online request form. OCLS is here to serve you!

Question: Where do you see integrating APA Style CENTRAL into your courses? Please leave a comment below.

Contributor: Dr. Curt Rice / Merrillville Education Center OCLS Librarian

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