APA Style CENTRAL (APA SC) is a cloud-based learning and writing tool for all things APA! It is produced and maintained by the same organization and APA experts as the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.

First released in the summer of 2016, Indiana Wesleyan University was one of the early adopters taking out a trial subscription from its release time and then in the fall of 2017, subscribing to APA SC for the entire IWU community.

In this series within the Off Campus Library Services (OCLS) series, Jule Kind, Director of Off Campus Library Services (OCLS), and fellow librarians share about multiple facets of APA Style CENTRAL. OCLS functions within Jackson Library to provide a variety of research tools for onsite and online students in the College of Adult and Professional Studies (CAPS).


Students learn all about APA formatting through Quick Guides, Tutorials, Sample References and Papers. They can create their references. The system saves their references so they can be used in multiple papers or just saved for future writing. References can be created by entering all the needed information or searching all the citations of PsycINFO (more than 3 million).

Additionally, they can write and save their academic papers, letting APA SC do all the formatting work to create an APA style paper. The papers are saved and students can return to old papers at any time. Papers export as a Word file format for easy manipulation in their Word program or simply uploading to their courses.

Top User

We were told in the summer of 2017 that we were the largest institution to subscribe to APA SC and we were one of the top users of the system! Their support department has gotten to know us quite well and jokingly told one of us, “They have a notebook on IWU!” They followed up that comment by saying we know your students are using it! Jule Kind, Director of Off Campus Library Services, was interviewed in July 2017, by APA SC administrators to find out how we had gotten our campus to so readily adopt the resource and what were some of the benefits and problems we were encountering.

Here are some of the comments that faculty and students are saying about APA SC.

. . . students are doing better in the graduate introduction course since implementing the changes.”

One faculty member, after grading papers submitted using APA SC, said, “The rest were amazingly good.  I didn‘t have to say 100 times the volume number should be in italics.”

I am so excited! These reference lists are perfect.  I mean PERFECT!"

Writing a paper in CENTRAL takes all the mystery out of APA formatting! I love it! I wish I had had it when I began my associate’s degree.”


Less used by students is the PUBLISH area, which is designed for the serious researcher who may be submitting publications to specific journals. Journals can be browsed and searched. Videos provide help with the publication process, such as copyright, determining authorship, or titling your work.

Perhaps you are interested in getting published in the Journal of Multicultural Education. Information is provided about the publisher, editor, publication schedule, and general description of the journal. Some even give their impact scoring and a table of the kinds of articles that have been accepted by the journal in the past three years. This is especially true of any of the journals published by the American Psychological Association. The interface allows direct submission of the manuscript.

Ask an OCLS Librarian!

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using APA Style CENTRAL for your own writing or helping your students to become better writers, please contact any of the OCLS librarians. We would be happy to provide a webinar for a group, work few/one-on-one, and answer questions that you have.

Question: How can APA Style CENTRAL benefit your students or your own professional research? Please leave a comment below.

Contributor: Jule Kind / Director, Off Campus Library Services

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