Perhaps you would like to start using APA Style CENTRAL (APA SC) for your own writing or to better assist your students.  The system is fully available to any IWU active student or faculty member.

Tips to Help You Get Started

Access is from the OCLS home page, >> click on APA Style CENTRAL on the left hand side >> the next screen has some troubleshooting helps but if you do not need those, click on the blue logo at the top of the page or go to APA Style CENTRAL at the bottom of the page.

Be sure you are NOT using Edge or MSIE from Microsoft. They are incompatible with APA SC.

The initial log in to access IWU’s subscription requires the same log in that you use for any of the library databases (Jackson Library Databases log in screen).

You should see tabs for Home, Learn, Research, Write and Publish.

  • Learn gives you access to many focused topic Quick Guides (2-6 min.), Tutorials, Sample References, Sample Papers, Tables, and Figures.
  • Research allows you to add references to your My References area.
  • Write is where you will write and save your papers.
  • Publish is for those wanting to submit a publication to a journal.

Any of the areas where you are creating personal content, g., My References, Write, and My Favorites, requires you to initially create your own APA Style CENTRAL account (log in to the page with blue lettering). This account has not been created for you, so you can make the log in as easy as possible for you to remember. Only you will be able to access it.

If you need a quick review of getting started in APA Style CENTRAL, OCLS created this short video.

Additionally, once you get logged into your personal account and start a new paper, on the screen where you start typing your first page of text, there are 4 icons on the top right hand side. One of them looks like an arrow for a video.

Five APA Style CENTRAL Videos

Empowering Your Students

Students complain about having to use APA writing style and faculty may not feel comfortable grading it.  APA Style CENTRAL will empower students to learn and to use APA correctly.  No more title pages that came from a random template; no more lack of page numbers or double-spacing; and no more references not correctly alphabetized.  Yes, students still need know when to cite and what parts of the source are important for the References citation, but if they figure all of that out, their papers will improve dramatically.

Ask an OCLS Librarian!

For more information on APA Style CENTRAL, APA format, using the online library, or for search help, faculty and students can contact Off Campus Library Services. Call 1-800-521-1848, email [email protected], or fill out an online request form. OCLS is here to serve you!

Question: After exploring APA Style CENTRAL, what benefits do you see for yourself and your students? Please leave a comment below.

Contributor: Jule Kind / Director of Off Campus Library Services

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