Bibliographic Citation Management software allows the user to collect books, articles, and websites in one place for later generation of bibliographies.

Once the source is entered into the software it is available for reuse in other bibliographies. Many of them also have the ability to output in a writing style, such as APA, and can be fully integrated with a word processor. They also offer sharing capabilities for sharing research with another colleague/student.

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It took me the first three years of my undergrad before I figured out how to use citation management software and boy what a world of difference it makes!  The time I could have saved had I learned about it earlier.  I do not want to think about it.

Probably the “Cadillac” of these is EndNote, which can be purchased with an academic software discount. There are also several that are free and available to IWU students and can be carried with you after graduation, including:

  • Reference Flow  Free to any IWU student using their university email to register. It can be carried with them following graduation. Web-based with 2GB storage, but integrates with Dropbox. Easy to import from other software.
  • Zotero  Free download and plug-in for Firefox. It is open source software and originally only worked in Firefox, but they have broadened their options to other browsers and a desktop version.  Web storage up to 300MB.
  • Mendeley  Free download. Web-based with 2GB free storage.
  • BibMe  Free download. Searches for the source once the title is entered into the search box.

There are a lot of other programs available as free or purchased software. If you Google, “bibliographic management software” you can find other possible software that might better suit your research needs.

Question:  What have your students shared about their preferred cites for Bibliographic Citation Management?  Please leave a comment below.

Jule Kind / Director, Off Campus Library Services

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