The instructor who practices authenticity, transparency, and humility is the instructor who will build lasting relationships with students.

Setting the Table is a series presented by Dr. Brad Garner, Director of Faculty Enrichment, Center for Learning and Innovation.  In it, he offers his timely research, innovative ideas, and practical applications to strengthen instructors in the classroom.

Question: How do you demonstrate authenticity in your learning environment?  Please leave a comment below.

Presenter: Brad Garner / Director of Faculty Enrichment, Center for Learning and Innovation

Recorded: May 26, 2016

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One Comment on Setting the Table: Authenticity [VIDEO]

  • Candy Allen -

    I share that I may be an expert in my field, but that if I came to their jobs, they would be the expert and would have to teach me. It makes them realize that they have skills that I don't have and it evens the playing field a little.

    I share some of the struggles I have had in my life and how the Lord has blessed me in those struggles. It gives them hope that they, too, will make it through their struggles.


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