Student Services:  “Hello, Student Services, this is Sheila.  How may I help you?”

Student:  “My name is Shelton Studyhard.  I tried to login to my class, but it's no longer available. Then today, I just found out my financial aid was sent back. What's going on!?!?”

Sheila:  “I am sorry this happened Shelton.  I'm checking your record and it appears your instructor reported you absent for two different workshops. You are only allowed one absence for a five week course.”

Shelton:  “But I only missed one workshop!”

Sheila:  “Let me contact your instructor to verify your attendance.”

(Shelton is placed on hold, anxious and frustrated.)


Sheila:  “Professor Popquiz?  Can you verify the attendance for Shelton Studyhard in IWU101?  You reported him absent for two workshops, but he claims he missed only one workshop.  We withdrew him from the class for too many absences.  He is now in jeopardy of losing his financial aid.”

Popquiz:  “I’m so sorry. I reported him absent in error.  What do we do now?”

This fictional conversation replicates itself with problematic frequency in real life.  Watch the video below to learn about two paths for entering attendance.

Sheila Fett and John Bowman share what you can do to reduce the number of exasperated students and to better partner with Student Services when reporting attendance.

Attendance Policy

Students are allowed one absence for a 1-5 week course, two absences for a 6-15 week course, and four absences for 16+ weeks.

For onsite classes, students must attend at least 3 hours of a 4-hour class and at least 4 1/2 hours of a 6-hour class.  For online classes, the attendance is determined by activity during a workshop, either through submission of one assignment or discussion (only one post is needed to be counted as present).

Just logging in or submitting late work does not count as present.  Please note that the attendance dates shown are for the first night of the workshop week, i.e. if the attendance date is 08/21/18 then it would be for 08/21/18 through 08/27/18.

8 Reasons to Report Accurately and On Time

  1. Too many absences reported in error can result in the student's withdrawal from the class.  By the time it is resolved, the student may not be allowed to continue with the class.
  2. A student’s financial aid may be affected.
  3. The class may be a prerequisite for another class.  The student would be withdrawn from that class too.
  4. If not reported on time and the student has not been attending, the student may not be withdrawn.  Financial aid may have already disbursed funds that should not have been sent.
  5. If attendance is not report correctly, when the grade sheet is reviewed, we cannot process until the matter is resolved.  This means a student’s grades will not be posted to his or her record.   In addition, students receiving employer tuition reimbursement negatively impacted.
  6. Student attendance records can be subpoenaed by court order.
  7. IWU is audited every year, checking how we report the status of the student to the National Student Clearinghouse.
  8. Students receive automated emails after the first absence and after violating the attendance policy.

How to Correct Errors in Attendance Reporting

Instructors do not have the ability to unilaterally change attendance once it has been submitted.  If you are aware you reported attendance inaccurately, please contact Attendance1.  Please include the student's name, group, class, and week you reported in error, along with the requested correction.

How to View Submitted Attendance

  • Point your browser at https://myiwu.indwes.edu.
  • On the IWU Portal home page, in the upper left-hand column entitled DataConnect, click Faculty, and then Faculty Items.
  • Click Submitted Attendance.
  • Click your class.

Now you know why reporting attendance accurately and on time is a big deal!

Question: What issues have you experienced when reporting attendance? Please leave a comment below.

Voice-over: John Bowman / Records Management Specialist, Student Services

Content: Sheila Fett / Registration Specialist, Student Services

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