Teaching can sometimes feel like a lot of thankless work.

Grading the same insubstantial content issues, correcting the same obvious grammar errors, and responding to the same vexing requests for leniency can dull the sheen of instruction.  You might ask,

      Is it still worth it?"

Then a student waits until after class to reveal how much you helped to restore her confidence in life and in God.  Months later, a long-forgotten student greets you, shakes your hand, and thanks you for making a difference in his life. Over the years, other students email you about how they scored the promotion or published a article or attended a local church for the first time.

Reality--All the preparation, all the mundanity, all the late nights. It's all worth it.

Consider Samantha Heinlein, for example.  A graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University, her story is a testimony to God's long-suffering and world changing work in her life.

Question: What makes teaching still worth it for you?  Please leave a comment below.

Speaker: Samantha Heinlein / Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Department of Public Services

Recorded: December 15, 2018

Clip: WIWU-TV 51

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