Charlotte Franck


I am a career project manager and have managed numerous projects in various industries including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical, as well as the government and nonprofits. While managing projects and project managers, I had many opportunities to coach/mentor and train these professionals.  I found I really enjoyed that aspect of work, so I founded InSite Solutions, Inc., a project management consulting and training company.

I have a Masters of Business Administration (finance concentration) and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (management concentration) as well as the Project Management Institute Project Management Professional certification.


Although I grew up in eastern North Carolina, I have adjusted to living in the Midwest, including eating mashed potatoes instead of rice, and learning how to shovel snow. Currently I live in Noblesville, a town near Indianapolis, Indiana. I am blessed to have a wonderful daughter who lives in Ohio. I enjoy walking, hiking, dog agility, reading and having coffee with my daughter in our favorite hangouts when she is in town.


When I was young, my family attended church for a few years. I remember those times as being happy especially when I would feel the Lord’s presence while singing songs of praise to Him. When I became a teen, I stopped going to church completely, but I had this restlessness and longing in my heart that would not go away. After many years and many experiences, I finally accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The restlessness left and I found a peace and purpose that has made my life complete. I have truly learned that if we do seek, we shall surely find our heart’s desire.