Hiring in to Indiana Wesleyan University as a member of the adjunct faculty community is a journey.  One of the major milestones during that journey is passing the Preparing for Instructional Excellence (PIE) training.

In the midst of celebrating, three questions quickly surface:

What happens next?

When will I teach my first course?

Am I hired?"

In the video below, Lana Kirk, Director of Faculty Services, and Brad Garner, Director of Faculty Enrichment, unpack these questions with the hope that faculty candidates will be better informed about what happens next in their teaching journey.

Question: How has this video helped you to understand what happens next in the IWU hiring process for adjunct faculty?  Please leave a comment below.

Presenters: Lana Kirk / Director, Faculty Services and Brad Garner / Director, Faculty Enrichment

Recorded: February 2019

Location: One Button Studio / Jackson Library

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